January 23, 2006

"Whatever you do, don't mention the War." Dutch footie supporters are snapping up Nazi Helmets as a 'joke' for the World Cup, with fifteen thousand already sold.

It all comes in response to a German joke the last time around -- a campaign called "Where's Holland?" And the Dutch have come up with this. Instead of the obvious response of "You had no problem finding it in 1940." [Thread comes pre-Godwinned]

  • Oh, that famous Dutch sense of humor. It is to laugh.
  • Well, in defence of those Crazy DuchTM, I suppose if anyone can rip the piss out of Ze GermanzTM, it's a country that was occupied and severely subdued during the war. Although even I, a WWII freak, think it might be going a bit far... Achtung!!
  • I just don't think it's that funny and/or clever. We can do better than this, shurely.
  • It would be funnier if they all turned up on bikes... / Longstanding Dutch/German beef
  • Would the Dutch think this is funny if the Germans wore the helmets?
  • The use of German helmets in any manner, other than a well made movie or a historic battle recreation, is about as funny as the wearing of a Klan robe as a joke. I've lost respect for the participants in this.
  • I foresee this will go over well, and nobody will be offended.
  • they should have used the slogan "Where's my bike?"
  • And European football fans are usually so polite and well-mannered...
  • The Dutch are ... weird about their football. This is the nation of Ajax, the "Jewish team", whose supporters tattoo themselves with the star of David, while claiming there is no religious significance. Their rivals (Feyenoord) in Rotterdam chant anti-Semitic slogans and throw gas masks onto the field while shouting "they forgot to gas you!" My point being only: distasteful, yes; but not terribly surprising.
  • /scratches Netherlands off his list of places to visit.
  • Bart: 'You're watching PBS?' Homer: 'Hey, I'm as surprised as you, but I stumbled across the most delicious British sitcom.' Bart: [reading title] 'Do Shut Up'? Homer: 'It's about a hard-drinking yet loving family of soccer hooligans. If they're not having a go with the birds, they're having a row with the wankers.'
  • That's just because we don't use the word "hooligan". We just call our sports rioters drunk assholes.
  • Yeah, we just lump 'em in with all the drunk assholes who cause trouble at ALl large gatherings.
  • What's a Nazi helmet? The purple end of Hitler's prick?
  • I think Skrik wins. "Hitler; he's only got one..." Oh, nevermind.
  • I'm sure all these foolish pranks will be forgotten and all fans will happily enjoy the athletic prowess on the soccer matches, joining together as one cheering fan. And then, after the matches, all will go together to the newly built 'hooker camps', get drunk and beat the crap out of each other.
  • Mmmm . . hooker camps.
  • Oh, right. Tracy made me come here. I might be Dutch, but that doesn't mean I want to be associated with football fans. Though concidering the nationalism/chauvinism that usually ensues in lots of countries during sporting-events between nations, I am seeing a point here. Though I doubt it is the point the empty-headed football fans had in mind. But on a more annalitic note, I asume it's just the younger generation finally standing up to the older generation, saying "Yes, war was horrible, and things like that should never ever happen again, we get that. But could you now please stop feeling sorry for yourself, stop bothering us with it every day of your life and let us get on with our lifes and leave 60 years ago 60 years ago." We make fun of other horrible wars that happened in the past, why not of this one?
  • We make fun of other horrible wars that happened in the past... We do?
  • We make fun of other horrible wars that happened in the past... We do?
  • Oops. Please enjoy a second helping.
  • I think it's a general problem that people confuse nastyness with fun. Bloody... people!