January 20, 2006

I have discovered that while humor can have its limits, fear has no limits. I could not suppress the volume of terror that this film conveys. Sounds like fun, eh? More info here.
  • Paging Mr. Castle... Mr. William Castle, please come to the Marketing offices...
  • The first thing I thought of when I saw the ads for "Hostel" with the claim about paramedics being called in, was Mr. Castle. Thanks for the link, Fes!
  • Paging Mr. Castle... Yeah, but it is a Miike film. Which pretty much guarantees that you will be taking the Lord's name in vain several times during the film. On the other hand, they just announced that Showtime refused to air it and bumped the schedule for the other shows up, so this was pretty quick.
  • From wikipedia on Miike: The extreme violence was initially exploited to promote the film: during its international premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2001, the audience received "barf bags" emblazoned with the film's logo as a promotional gimmick... *raises one Spocklike eyebrow*
  • *click* Nope.
  • Miike. Bah.
  • if it's anything like "Audition," the volume of terror can be contained in a shot glass.
  • Audition wasn't so much terror for me as unease. Extreme unease.
  • Followed by body parts hitting the wall. Splat!
  • from the NYT article: It will now be released directly to the DVD market through IDT's home video subsidiary This has marketing hype splattered all over it.
  • After reading the comments about it -- I'm thinking it's hugely overrated. I hope I am wrong. I would love it if, just one time, the hype was totally worthwhile. "Audition" was great.
  • Kiri kiri kir kiri... he he.
  • Miike is a director with almost unprecedented emotional range. Folks who think they've got the full picture after Audition and maybe Ichi the Killer would never see The Bird People in China coming. If Miike says it's scary, I believe him.
  • Ooh, sounds intriguing. I hope the local video store has it!
  • What's great about Audition is, if you went into it blind, you'd think you were watching a romantic comedy for about the first forty-five minutes to an hour. I mean, it actually totally WORKS as a romantic comedy--flawed but sympathetic characters, heartstring-tugging situation, ridiculous scheme to find troo lurve... And then it takes a hard left turn into total Boschian Hell. Even if you're ready for it, you're not ready for it.
  • I just watched "A Tale of Two Sisters" last night. I need to watch it again, now, to make sure I actually got it.