January 20, 2006

Big Brother "contestant" has monkey fur coat Originally thought to be from Gorilla fur, Big Brother contestant and ex-pop star Pete Burns' coat turns out to be a Colobos Monkey after all! Police investigation, outrage, fights, tears - all in a days work for Big Brother (oh, Dennis Rodman is in there too!)
  • See my vest, see my vest Made from real gorilla chest Feel this sweater, there's no better Than authentic Irish Setter See this hat, 'twas my cat, My evening wear - vampire bat, These white slippers are albino African endangered rhino. Grizzly bear underwear, Turtles' necks, I've got my share, Beret of poodle, on my noodle It shall rest, Try my red robin suit, It comes one breast or two, See my vest, see my vest, See my vest!
  • Back in the day, Pete Burns was often seen around Liverpool, always dressed outageously. He must be nails. He buys food from Marks & Spencer. Shock Horror!
  • I remember back in the 80's, reading that his wife helped him with his hair and makeup. My first rection was, "WIFE!?!?!?!?"
  • Oh yeah. He's Hotel / Motel.
  • Holiday Inn?
  • If it'll fit.
  • > Originally thought to be from Gorilla fur ah, that'd be the terrifically rare long-haired albino gorilla, i take it.
  • You mean that isn't Amanda Lepore?
  • That sick fuck! Flying monkeys attack!!
  • That was in my mind immediately, Koko.
  • nice, Koko I suggest we skin him and make a pair of leggings for a poor Bonobo.
  • He was great friends with Morrissey back in the day. Smash Hits did a big interview with the pair of them. They discussed their favourite brands of biscuit, as I recall.
  • Ah yes. I remember why I thought of that now. Their friendship apparently broke down over Burns' fondness for fur coats. Moz didn't approve. That's why it was relevant. Yes. Also, I found the interview. Less biscuit material than I remembered, but hey. Morrissey: Peter's appeal is that he's relentlessly exciting in every single way. Pete: Isn't he lovely? Morrissey: Specially the first time "You Spin Me Round" was on Top Of The Pops. That was just barbaric; it was demonic. "You Spin Me Round" is a hallmark in British music and it will never ever date. Pete: You provocative little minx, you.