January 20, 2006

Notes on the denial of perspective. By Felice Varini
  • Reminds me of the opening of the Japanese drama: Slow Dance (1.5MB d/l at Rapidshare). They painted the show logo over the floor, rug, furniture ... and as the camera centers on the room, the logo lines up.
  • I usually don't like this kind of clever artwork, but this is pretty cool.
  • the last one is pretty sweet.
  • Denial of perspective is illegal under the Artistic Misuses Act of 1897.
  • "I don't know him", said perspecyive. And lo, the cock did crow.
  • Those are truly amazing, Chyren.
  • Neat pictures, neat blog, thanks for the post! It looks like it's one of a series of posts titled "Notes on the denial of perspective," (check the Archives link).