January 10, 2006

Explore new and interesting Korean licensed characters. Rpeng and Bini! The denizens of Western Macaroni Island! For those who enjoy Sanrio but want something different.

Each one has a special message or goal that's far loftier than anything I've seen for western audiences: "Cartoon that shares emotion with readers. Cartoon with sympathy. Cartoon that is warm and has a lot of love. Contents that have elements of public good." Tteokgu sounds familiar: "Tteokgu likes listening to music, singing, drinking, and dancing. He seems a little bit stupid but optimistic. He tries to live life cheerfully and he like a challenge."

  • You mean like quid?
  • Didn't want to tip my hand on that--I wanted your honest opinion!
  • Do you think they were shooting for Spaghetti Western and mistranslated it? Or are they playing on words intentionally? Given their English skills I'm finding it hard to figure out. And smoking babies? And how is Mangavi a non-smoking character when it's got a bit trade dress violating Marlboro in it's mouth? My brain hurts. I don't like visiting Macaroni Island.