January 09, 2006

WAR! YTMND.com goes to battle against Ebaum's world over the latter's petty theft of Lindsay Lohan! Mayhem, DoS attacks and I believe you have my stapler? Ensue! WARNING: sound fx, etc

Hatred of Ebaum's world? Whyeverfornow? Well, apart from Ebaum's crappiness, if you have no background on this issue, check out this insanely catchy song (FLASH) and this wikipedia backgrounder. And now I retreat, cackling, to have a cup of tea and some tiny teddy biscuits.

  • Here's to Ebaum's world getting chopped off at the knees.
  • Isn't the original gif animation at ytmnd a copyright violation itself, unless they got permission from the copyright holders of the photos they used?
  • The article in the first post notes that YTMND has a buttload of copyrighted content, so claims to ownership get murky at best. Still, at least YTMND actually does something creative (if goofy and juvenile) with the material, rather than just putting a stamp on it and calling it their own. But it doesn't look like Max Goldberg really cares about it. He seems more concerned with putting out fires right now.
  • s/b first link.
  • I went to school with the guy who created ebaumsworld. I didn't know him. I have nothing to add to this debate. May the best internet ripoff site win!
  • YTMND FOREVER! :P *participates in war*
  • I went to school with the guy who created ebaumsworld. You should tell him that Lowtax had sex with his mom. In case he hasn't heard the song about how much he sucks. You should tell him how much he sucks, while you're at it. That'd be a good burn.
  • more info
  • That's the first link.
  • That's the first link I posted.
  • Dued I psoted it the fist.
  • Great link jeblis! If only Chy had thought to include it in his post! :P
  • They get what they deserve for messin' with my Lindsay Lohan.
  • Monkeyfilter: *participates in war*
  • couldn't they just organize a boycott?
  • Can't we all just - sing along?