January 09, 2006

Rude place names. Embrace your inner adolescent. See also: Rude food names.
  • Hee hee! Make sure you folks roll up your windows when driving by Wanker's Corner, ya hear?
  • Once spent a week in Faak, Austria. Which is on the Faaker See. I was 18. "Lookit that Faaker! Faak!" Heh.
  • The whole week long, I was hitting on these cute German and Austrian girls, asking them if they wanted to go to Faak, but alas, it lost a lot in the translation. Everything, in fact. Faak.
  • I live within three miles of Johnson's Bottom.
  • I've always been so amused that Intercourse and Blue Ball are in the heart of Amish Country.
  • There's a conspicuous lack of hot cross buns on the rude food list.
  • From what I've heard, the large, phallic Rooster Rock, in the Columbia River Gorge here in Oregon once had a different name. Apparently it was orignially spotted by sailors in the 19th century who proclaimed that it should thenceforth be known as Cock Rock. Because "it looks like a big ol' cock!!!" The current, much less NSFW name was decided upon when Oregon became a state.
  • "Still Alphabetical!" I want that on my tombstone. You can't help but love a guy who looks so happy in his chosen hobby as that guy with the loaf of bread.
  • Still get a giggle out of Placentia Bay, Nfld. Which is wrong, I know.
  • btw, Wanker's Corner is aptly named, in my estimation
  • Cock Rock is the kind of music they play during chase scenes in action movies
  • Cock Rock is the kind of music they play during chase scenes in action movies So when I make a jerk-off gesture, it's like I'm playing air guitar?
  • Spuzzum sure sounds rude.
  • Back in the day, when I was working as a valet at a downtown hotel, some guys came out to the front door and asked me for a cab to Beavertown. I promptly corrected them "oh, you mean Beaverton, right?" They assured me that they really wanted to go to a strip bar in Beaverton called Beavertown.
  • That reminds me of Cuntballs, Michigan.
  • And to think that I sniggered when I saw the Iberian city of Anus in Rome: Total Realism. My brief juevenile outburst (and current alliance with the Iberian Empire) definitely won't prevent me from owning that Anus, though.
  • In the oil fields close to where I live is a road which is named Brown Material Road. It was called Shit Road until the county became more politically correct.