January 09, 2006

The Grandiloquent Dictionary: A collection of rare and obscure words in the English language, as well as a few "untranslatables."
  • thank you! this is cool, and useful.
  • That's a keeper.
  • See also The Phronistery :-)
  • missing "t", if you need it. *sigh*
  • ))) !!! resistentialism - The spiteful behaviour of inanimate objects All my life I have suffered from the want of this word.
  • /edits profile Very cool.
  • abderian -( ) given to incessant or idiotic laughter I'm all over that word.
  • I'm a macrologist! Fortunately, not a jumentous one. macrologist - A boring conversationalist, usually met at parties jumentous - Smelling like horse urine
  • This is bad news for other players of M.O.N.K.E.Y. - somewhere else for me to crib fiendish end words from. Cheers Smo.
  • A few goodies in here. pica is 'A craving for an inedible substance (such as chalk or paint chips). No pithecophilia/phobia though.
  • The last two emails in my inbox were dictionary.com words of the day: "exegete: one who explains or interprets difficult parts of written works." and "recondite: difficult to understand." Now this cool MoFi word link. Maybe it's a sign that I should go ahead and burn down the reference library.
  • There is a fine line between some of these words and sniglets.
  • What a sesquipedalian post! Thank you!
  • Plegmund-- interesting; Pica is also the Latin name for the magpie. Do you think the name (or indeed the word) has anything to do with their mania for collecting shiny things they can't eat?
  • it does! The illness is named after the bird.
  • I have a cat with pica. Spent a lot of money having a lot of silk thread removed from her innards. Also she'll eat broken glass, little stones, and basically anything on the floor.
  • I meant to say also cool link, Pallas Athena! I love when it clicks where a word comes from.