January 05, 2006

First there was "Toss your camera". Now you can bounce your camera.
  • Sorry about that inoperable third link. hiptop.bedope must have changed systems since I bookmarked that page and there is apparently not a non-tedious way of finding the page I was looking for (if it still exists).
  • The cord is also the USB cable I smell a recall... Still, pretty nifty... a friend of mine takes pictures (thanks to auto focus) on the fly, to catch actual reactions rather that having people pose unnaturally with fake smiles. 50% are trash, as he just holds the camera off to the side or over his head, and guesstimates the shot. But, with the advent of digital cameras with massive memory sticks, it's not like it really matters...
  • "Beating the Leopard"..."Marrying the Dolphin"..."Bouncing the Camera"??? I can't keep up with you kids and your crazy masturbation eupemisms.
  • nice idea, but shutter speed?
  • Rocket88: "Bouncing the Camera" couldn't refer to solo sex, but doing hands-free taping, with close-ups, of a screw-for-two.
  • Tossing Guide for Beginners. Also the camera toss blog home page. Just wow.
  • does this even exist? it looks like some photoshoppy spec designs to attract interest & maybe investments...
  • I predict an awful lot of pictures with nothing but blurs and a few sidewalk shots. Tried the 'camera tossing' brefly some time ago; due to the very delicate-looking, portruding lens of my cam, I couldn;t get anything remotely interesting. Plus, I ended up smudging the lens with my oily fingerprints.