January 05, 2006

Fourteen-year-old Beats Leopard Yes, it's a newsfilter ...

... so fuck off.* * New year's resolution #431: "Take shit from no one. Pre-emptive strikes permissible."

  • At what? Being spotty? Hoo Haa! *Reads link / is vaguely disappointed*
  • Yes, well mrfghsh wrgfsn familiarity with the region wrszlmg would know hizmklgrb ferocity with which leopards are well known to have brznm grlbm over forty square-ton weight in pressure average could bznm hrflnm gurhl Impeach Bush!!! Khrnmsm tlknm blahzm haffle nipzah ting! And several butcher's aprons.
  • Happens all the time. Actually, that was a really crap leopard, wasn't it?
  • anyone with 431 (+?) new year's resolutions must have been a huge fuckup on Dec. 31st, just saying....
  • Yes, it's a newsfilter ... ... so fuck off.* * New year's resolution #431: "Take shit from no one. Pre-emptive strikes permissible." I feel the same way. Pity it has to be done. That said... I remember reading about a whole team of short people in another 3rd world country who couldn't complete the task of killing a tiger (or lion?) in a brutal arena cage match. So I guess the kid's got balls.
  • Yeah but that one was planned, which Darwinized it.
  • Fourteen-year-old Beats Leopard "beating the leopard?" Is that the new slang term?
  • adding that to my masturbation euphemism list. Yes, I have a list!
  • I thought that "Beats Leopard" was going to be something like a Beat Poet, only it was a leopard dressed in a beret reciting bad poetry in a smoky coffeehouse grotto. It is not. I need coffee.
  • It's the new hipster folk quartet man, only they spelled it wrong. "Beats Leppard" is outta sight man, totally far-out!
  • "Lion Mutilates 42 Midgets in Cambodian Ring-Fight" BBC News, 5.2.02 I wish I knew how to post a link.
  • Beeswacky, please to recite latest new Beats Leppard song lyrics!
  • Blanky the Lion fights midgets thing is fake. Shame really.
  • Damn. That really is a shame. I am so often taken in by my desire for the useless but entertaining story. Couldn't we just will it to be true? And thank you, LwC, for the HTML linky thing.
  • It was a fake?
  • I admit to not being impressed initially by the "14 Year Old Beats Leopard." I had no idea she beat the leopard in a fight. I figured it was in chess or something.
  • Little braveheart battles leopard Today leopards, tomorrow English tyranny.
  • Hahahaha! You go, kitty!
  • I had many reactions to that video, one of them was not "Hahahaha!"