January 05, 2006

GervaisFilter He's written and will be starring in a new episode of The Simpsons in a plotline based on those charming wifeswapping shows...
  • My god, I cannot believe the man actually has teeth worse than mine.
  • Well, he is English Also, the script for this was leaked a little while back...
  • Is it just me or is that a look of PURE EVIl on his face!?
  • god, anyone that could think up a show like that crapfest is PURE EVIL
  • What crapfest?
  • The very first Office ep I saw, due to some Gervais antics, made me laugh so hard my belly ached, But it went downwards from there. Still, I prefer his kind of humor over most other 'funny' shows on TV.
  • dng - is your link SFW?
  • Yes Yes it is I am not completely evil