January 04, 2006

The Art and Subversion of Ron English. Ron has been a major player in the New York and worldwide "lowbrow" scene for more than a decade now. His paintings have become his mainstay, but he still makes time to promote a little "parity in advertising". See also his book and documentary.

*Full Disclosure* Ron is a friend of a friend. She used to set up his billboard canvasses and occasionally hang them with him. Interesting write-ups here and here.

  • great stuff. Good post.
  • This guy is a genius. If you can pass it on, tell him to keep up the good work. And Thanks!
  • Glad you guys liked the post. I'll pass the nice words on next time I'm down in the city!
  • Beautiful and detailed paintings. The colors in this one just amazes me. And I love the billboards, especially the OJ and Kiss Kids ones. Thanks for sharing!