January 02, 2006

Save our souls [Flash] [via]

(by the way, as one might guess, SaveOurSouls (SOS) is a backronym)

  • [this is おもしろい]
  • 1. It's Java, not Flash. 2. It's a borderline double. 3. It is, however, still fun.
  • 1. my apologies. I noticed the adblock thingee on top of it and assumed, wrongly. 2. It was in a FPP, I say it's a genuine double. Apologies again. Eeek away. 3. True.
  • No one appreciates my links. Cry sob cry.
  • grover96 - it's just that you're on the leading edge of link mastery. It takes a while for the rest of us to catch up.