December 30, 2005

Curious George: Searching for an angel I'm trying to track down a statue of an angel that I saw a picture of a few years ago. Can anyone help me find it?

What I remember about it is: It was an adult angel, not a cherub; It had floor-length wings with curved tops to them; It had its hands clasped out in front of it resting on the hilt of a sword; It was looking down at the ground; It looks more like an avengeing sort of angel than a sad angel or a cuddly angel; The statue was stone (or marble) and I seem to remember it was a bit mossy and generally aged-looking; I think the picture I saw was on a film poster or a book cover, but I may be wrong about that. It's not much to go on, I know, but does anyone have any ideas as to where I might have seen it, or, better yet, a link to a picture? Thankyous!

  • This is not the image you are looking for, but probably the angel you are looking for. I think I've seen the headstone marker you refer to, just where, I don't know.
  • I'm guessing it's not this. But man, this movie looks great! Seriously, I'm poking around because it sounds familiar somehow. I may get lucky.
  • *Hi mothninja!* no angel for you, just wanted to say hi.
  • Is this a bit more like what you're looking for?
  • Like this but with wings? If the angel is carrying a sword, it's an archangel and most likely St. Michael, who is only shown in a passive pose like you describe from the 19th century on (as far as I know). I would guess he's a late Victorian funerary sculpture-- I Googled around Highgate, Brompton, and Kensal Green cemeteries, but he might also be at a place like Pere Lachaise. If not a cemetery sculpture, he might be in a town square or in front of a church. I'm pretty sure there's no statue of Joan of Arc in that position with wings, but it's possible that they could be added in a print media. This is going to drive me crazy...
  • Is this anywhere close to the style?
  • Would you be thinking of the Archangel Michael or Uriel? What about this?
  • Hear this voice from deep inside It's the call of your heart Close your eyes and your will find The way out of the dark
  • When I read your description, I thought - I know I have that on my hard drive! But when I went to look, I didn't. But what I did have were several pictures of angel statues from cemeteries which would seem like the kind of place you would find such a thing. So after some Googling... how about any of these? cemetery angel another cemetery angel third cemetery angel Angels and swords just don't seem to go together very often, it seems. This is probably not what you were thinking of, but the pose does seem to match your description. Along those same lines, there are this and this that both seem to have been ripped off from some common source like a book cover or poster.
  • Would you be thinking of the Archangel ... Urinel? Oh come on Darshon, stop taking the piss.
  • /rimshot
  • Wow- those things in Darshon's link are...hideous. And look at the prices! The first link in rjd's comment is a nice Thanatos (angel of death) in a motif that's been used at least since the late 11th century on monumental sculpture (but I believe it may have been used in antiquity). He's holding his torch upside down, snuffing the flame. No Urienating necessary. /art historian-dork
  • Dude, rjd, I just looked through the parent directory of that third link you posted, all I can say is OMGWTF!?!?!? Seriouly, what was that image doing in
  • How 'bout something like this, 'cept with a sword?Or this?
  • mothninja! MOTHNINJA!!! Give us a clue here. Or, maybe more info.
  • *rushes breathlessly back into thread* Sorry to leave y'all hanging, hope you had happy new years eves! And big thanks to you all - some really interesting stuff here, but not quite The One... I think it might very well be of the archangel Michael, as deconstructo et al have suggested. The pose is almost exactly like this one bibliochick linked, but it is made of plain stone and has wings. (and thanks for the other interesting info - yay art historian-dorks!) This one that rjd found has the pose quite close too, but the head was bent down much further. And the style is very much like this one path found. This one that Darshon found has the right sort of air about it too, but, as you say, with a sword, and if I remember aright, bigger wings, and standing all by itself not next to a plinth or anything. I'll keep looking... And, hi Weezel! *waves*
  • Would you settle for a picture of John Travolta? I'm sorry, I'll leave now.
  • is it from the front and symmetrical? the picture kind of dark?..i think i know what you're talking about if so...except for the remembering exactly part... Remember: I'm merely decorative.
  • THE SEARCH CONTINUES!! And I'm gettting close -- it looks almost exactly like this one, only standing up and looking down... Any thoughts anyone?
  • I thought I had a winner, but upon closer inspection there were no wings. And then it became just too depressing, as a lot of the sites and pictures I stumbled upon were of young children who had passed away. Hope you find your angel, mothninja!
  • The only things I was able to find were this statue, which sounds like it's not quite it, and an engraving from the 1800's.
  • Thanks for looking though, guys, I really appreciate it! *blows kisses*
  • This is too obvious, yes? And this is certainly not it, thought it's certainly a pretty angel statue. And while we're on angels, why not this?
  • > it looks almost exactly like this one, That's an amazing image. I love the way the patina has formed.