December 25, 2005

NYTimes is reporting that the NSA has been logging your calls for years Just trying to stir up some outrage. via that blue site, boingboing, the nether-regions of google and fox news, others
  • I don't think this counts as a double post, as this article explains that the intelligence gathering is far beyond the scope of what we'd heard.
  • So, yeah, that was all over the news. Did you have any analysis or interesting opinion to flesh it out?
  • God, I hope they haven't been bugging my underwear, too!
  • Terror alert brown.
  • All this time I thought I had merely been ass raped by the government. After reading this article and seeing a doctor, it turns out giant dick I'd had in my ass was there just to insert a gps sensor. I'm glad that they're looking out for my safety.
  • Terror alert brown. Yes!
  • They haven't upped the terror alert for a while, have they? Since the election, I think.
  • Terror alert brown. Indeed. If the recent news doesn't have us all quaking in our boots and causing unsightly messes in our skivvies then I don't know what could. Unfettered means by which to monitor citizens behaviors? It's doing it for me! Phone taps, cell phone location monitoring, email scanning. What else will we have confirmed this week? Now we just need to have a national ID system with some occasional "compliance checks" at random points of transit, a few road side "random" pull overs perhaps. So yes, the Department of Civil Rights Security has officially upgraded the danger level to Brown.
  • OUTRAGE! Stirred, not shaken.
  • Great job, Brownie!
  • Ah, this water is so warm... /threedeep