December 24, 2005

Scientists find 'mass dodo grave' Scientists have discovered the "beautifully preserved" bones of about 20 dodos at a dig site in Mauritius. No complete Dodo skeleton has ever been found in Mauritius and no full set of bones currently exists in collections, so this is exciting for researchers and people who like Dodos.
  • Anyone who remembers The Goodies will probably remember the episode in which Bill discovered that the reason why the Dodo became extinct was because they were delicious.
  • Oh jesus, that was the exact thing that went thru my mind when I read the post, planetthoughtful. That episode was hilarious. I also remember it shat everywhere!
  • Lol, The Goodies were amazing - they really deserve the same retro-pop-culture popularity that Monty Python's Flying Circus and Doctor Who have.
  • Plock!
  • I want them to clone Dodos so bad!!!!
  • But only of they're delicious...
  • > Scientists find 'mass dodo grave' thank mothra i misread this initially, with predictable results. "mass dildo grave," i thought to myself, "how can dildoes have graves? and who the fuck would want to destroy a load of dildoes? is this another american story? man, that shit's fucked up."
  • I miss them dodos. **wipes tear**
  • Ohh!! "do-do", NOT "doo-doo"! What would have been more suitable for a mass grave than doo-doo?