February 19, 2004

Welcome to the most Extreme Elimination Challenge. originally Takeshi
  • I lived in Japan for a while and I used to watch Takeshi's Castle a lot. I thought it was hilarious even though I couldn't understand a word of Japanese. Extreme Elimination Challenge drives me nuts. The voice overs are so obnoxious that they're painful. The only way I can even stomach it is on mute, but that gets boring. One thing I will say though, the Japanese are really wacky. I mean that in the best way possible.
  • I agree - the voiceovers are totally painful on Extreme Elimination Challenge. They just try too hard to be funny. I am usually just left wondering " Who thought that was funny". The themes, the stupid names for people - all the Americanized stuff is garbage. On the other hand, the antics of the Japanese are extremely interesting, and just great to watch. They more than make up for it all. I just noticed that there is a 20 episode marathon on Feb. 23 beginning at 9am on SpikeTV. I can't wait.
  • I seem to remember one episode where they showed a Japanese woman falling between two large cylinders. Her neck bent in such a way that one's neck should never be bent. They showed it over and over. At least 20 times. Even then, I couldn't stop laughing.
  • MMMMM... stepself I vividly remember that episode and the amazing acrobatics of the guy who made it across just after her "OUCH" I to could do without the voiceover... but watching people run headlong into a door that might or might not be solid...a tolerable evil. spontaneous Slapstick humor at its finest
  • In the UK, Craig Charles (of Red Dwarf fame) does a dub of Takeshi's Castle for the Challenge Network, I think. We kept the name though :) Classic drunken post-night-out viewing.
  • I've never seen this. I've always wanted to, though, in that Beat Takeshi is a god. Or at least a genius.
  • I'm sorry, but I dig the voice overs. They're so horribly stupid, especially the names of the contestants and their jobs.