December 14, 2005

Russian Climbing
  • Pfft. I can do that.
  • So, Ninjas are actually Russian?
  • god almighty google video is bad... but this isn't that exciting. the truly hard climbers are polish. i have seen one do a VI ice climb with two meathooks. I've seen them do dramatic stuff lke that on ice at altitude, not on a children's playground.
  • i dunno, i thought that was pretty awesome.
  • So, Ninjas are actually Russian? Linguistically, it's a short climb from Ninja to Nijinsky, so i think you're right.
  • Foolish. I can't believe my old friend Kosakow even still had this tape. Ahh.. I was little slimmer then. Perhaps. But I've still got it I tell you.. Oh yes.. ahh..
  • In Soviet Russia, jungle gym climbs you!
  • I want to be a human lemur :(
  • Thanks for stopping by, hama7!
  • Human + Lemur = Humur. Or Leman. No, wait, that's already a word. Better stick with Humur.
  • So this is what happens to Russian gymnasts when they reach puberty?
  • I think they made a movie with this guy. Written by Luc Breson and directed by (I believe) his protege.