December 14, 2005

The Wittenham Hill Cider Page Andrew Lea really knows a lot about fermenting apples. If you're at all interested in makin' cider, give this page a look.

If you're inclined to brew but more cost-conscious and/or have lower personal standards, you could always try this.

  • this thread had some homebrew tips too. I was trying to find out how to make applejack. Basically I wanted to throw a bottle of apple juice in the freezer and have a delicious adult beverage emerge the next day. Anyone know?
  • petebest, yeah that's a pretty good thread, except for the fact that the original poster used baker's yeast. While making applejack is illegal, I know a *cough* friend who has made it with some success, and he's posted the recipe here.
  • We've got two apple trees and never manage to consume everything we grow, so I might try making cider this year. Actually, this looks overly complicated. Maybe I'll just buy a homebrew kit.
  • I love hard cider! I make it just by leaving out a gallon jug of unpasteurized regular cider for a couple days to get it started, then refrigerate. It's usually got a nice zing within a week or two.
  • that sounds, like, dangerous. Doesn't Sal Monella live in unpasteurized things?
  • Never mind the cider, I love that website . Frames! "Just click on a fruit to learn more about cidermaking!" "beware - 1.3MB PDF download!" "This menu bar is scrollable and re-sizeable!" Visitors "since 1st June 1997"
  • No, I don't think salmonella likes apple juice. Anyway, it hasn't killed me yet, and I've been doing it for decades.
  • Well I guess I'm wrong as a google search shows salmonella is possible, although low risk. But you might also get some E.coli or cryptosporidium. Tasty!
  • I would imagine that the risk of any pathogens disappears as the alcohol creeps up to 5%, the oft repeated mantra that no pathogens can survive in beer is good enough for me and my cider... 'course I think the word cider should only refer to fermented apple juice, not fresh-pressed, unclarified apple juice as is common in North America. Anyway, another great cider link for your perusal.
  • I have been fucked up on homemade hard cider now, for 2 straight days! Yay!