February 19, 2004

"Each Gum Blonde is 100% chewed bubblegum on a plywood backing. No paint or dye is used. The colour is inherent to the gum - the mixing of colour takes place inside the mouth during chewing using an endless variety of flavours ...."
  • This was posted yesterday. Although the title was cryptic enough that its no surpirse it was missed (sorry Dizzy). And its still excellent, of course. It seems more impressive the more I think about it.
  • the more i think about it the more it grosses me out. all these people sitting around chewing gum for him, and then all these gobby lumps of it being smushed around all gooey like, formed into these grotesquely coloured renditions of cultural icons. ick. of course i may be biased. i've never met anyone from ancaster that didn't irritate the hell out of me. ohhh the hamiton spec loves his stuff, well there's some high praise indeed. bwah. /unpleasant local prejudice, further fueled by raging pms.
  • c.r.e.e.p.y.
  • I missed this the first time: "bazooka boobs" seemed ever-so-slightly NSFW. I now swear this sacred oath: by all that is holy, never again will I be afraid to look at boobs.
  • Rather, embrace them.
  • I'm with tracy on the gross-out factor. Particularly as I'm struggling through what has got to be one of the most tenacious viruses I've ever had the displeasure to experience. Oh the germs. ewww.
  • Regarding NSFW perceptions, Dng's first comment ("Dude, are those real??" - free translation) didn't help, either. Either way, ick.
  • Hey, I commented first in both posts. Aren't I great? (More likely: a terrible bore, desperate for first comment in each post...)
  • Too true, goetter. It does sound pretty bad. Man, they can't really be real, can they? Fairly amazing if they are. I said I should be writing the script for the new carry on movie...
  • If you're grossed out by this, then you definately won't want to take a stroll down Bubblegum Alley in San Luis Obispo, CA.
  • As the original poster, I feel it incumbent to comment: I'm never upset if someone double-posts off me-- I feel the meme is in the air and i just caught it first, that's all. Maybe it means the double-poster are I very much alike and should become friendlier because we're both drawn to the same things.. Funny--I AGONIZE over my post titles-- I thought "Gum Blondes" was so perfect and wanted to leave my own stamp, but I'm very sad to learn it would keep anyone away which is just the OPPOSITE of what I want to accomplish. I think presentation is So Very Important, especially when I'm competing with less frivolous content. "Bazooka Boobs", the "Bazooka" a play off of "Bazooka Joe Comix and Gum", was obviously a wee bit obscure. I live, I learn. dng's initial comment having an effect on your decision? He can say whatever he wants-- it isn't going to affect my choice of jumping in or not-- that is like eating the middle of the Oreo FIRST! I look at comments AFTER I've explored the site-- Am I the only one who does this? Fascinating how everybody consumes MoFi in their own idiosyncratic way... What else do people do?
  • Diz, first, I totally dig your titles. That's effort well spent IMO. For very terse titles (e.g., "Boobs by Bazooka," with no further descriptive text), if there are other comments, I'll read at least the first page of them before diving into the link. Gives me some warning of what's to come. See, I /know/ that first page will be all text, and I read pure text very quickly. Half the time, a FPP leads into some labyrinth of Flash and mystery meat links that will take longer to decrypt than I am willing to spend. Too much analysis, yeah, but there you are. G'night.
  • Fascinating how everybody consumes MoFi in their own idiosyncratic way... What else do people do? I read all the comments diligently first thing in the morning - everybody seems to talk all night while I'm asleep, leaving me about 150 comments to read. Then, once I know what all you monkeys have said, I can start looking at the links. Hey, the html's working again. Tracy is rad
  • word up on working html hotcha!
  • What does everyone else do? If there are comments I tend to look at them first, because I dislike slow-loading surprises [MP3, video links, registration required, and not fond of pdf stuff either]. I generally read all the FPPs and comments every day even if I don't choose to visit a particular link. My own thinking [admittedly based on MeFi's hints] is that an FFP ought to indicate content above all else, and be fairly short and straightforward. Addenda to the front page can then be far more elaborate, funny, personal, etc. Clarification: I'm not concerned with applying my notions to other folks' writing, just satisfying my own (possibly ill-thought-out) criteria and keeping in mind that some day our front page is going to be a lot longer and more time-consuming to read as membership, posts increase. I'm a complete amateur at all this stuff, and I expect clumsily grappling with the way it works.