February 19, 2004

The Amazing EC Brown MP3 Link Collection More free music than you can shake a banana and a fistful of feces at and it all looks pretty legal. Genres range from Techno to Metal, Ska to Ukranian, Found Sound to Polish Folk, Hare Krishna to Iranian, Bagpipes to Mexican traditional. Good for weeks of browsing.
  • This place is such a goldmine that it's a bit intimidating. To encourage exploration, please post one link that you found on there that was interesting to you. Here's mine: Coolest Space TV Theme Songs dude, THREE versions of the Doc. Who theme... also enjoying Rubinchik's Yiddische Ensemble Nice Klezmer.
  • Not free music, but this page was excellent. They should make this album available on the NHS.
  • The rebel in me is drawn to the illegal art, though I'm not actually a fan of remixed music. But the ultimate source for music online sits where few will ever find it - in plain sight. altavista audio search. You won't believe how many MP3s are just sitting around on webpages and in public files. I started listening to minimalist and experimental music this way, including the fascinating dreaming of a major third[mp3] by Christina Kubisch (the track is of only the first four minutes of the CD, which is only one track, and frustratingly out of print).
  • Mothra and Cuba and vegetables. Oh my. There goes my weekend. Thanks forksclovetofu!
  • Asuza Plane are very good, if you're into that kind of thing.
  • awesome, thank you! i can't pick a favorite yet, no time, but on preview this looks amazing.
  • This is incredibly good. forksclovetofu, you are my new God.
  • Really great stuff here! Thanks for the link! Right know I am digging through the deep house archives which is a collection of dj mixes ranging from modern house music to dance jazz from the 60s and 70s.
  • Is this link MoFi'd? I just wanted to say MoFi'd, but the link isn't working for me. I think this may be my first comment, too, been a while since I used my login.
  • I really liked '68 Comeback. They're cool if you're into the whole rock and roll feel. They seem very familar and yet unique at the same time. I just can't put my finger on it.
  • iRate radio is another good source. It auto-downloads free music based on how you rate the music you've listened to. I've discovered some real gems this way.
  • What's up with the artwork? Who's the fuschia sultan looking dude?
  • Thanks for the link, forks! That page will be months of perusal. And Dr.Moxie, thanks for pointing out the Deep House Archives. There's some beautfiful gold in there.
  • [lifetime supply of bananas] Because if you want to pimp Google /completely/, all you have to do is add the keyword "mp3." Bitchin' find. jb - whoa. Altavista sure has cleaned up its act, I see.
  • jb: holy mackeral! I didn't know about that! Even a cursory glimpse via altavista found a ton of stuff! You'll excuse me while I fire up the harddrive and start the orgy of music downloading. oh, and dng: show and tell music is a great site and it DOES have a lot of downloadable stuff. I used to have the directory url... where'd I put that? Glad this one's sitting so well with everyone.
  • Oh monkey spit. This has been sucking up my time. Waaaaay too much interesting stuff coming off these links. I found the Dark Folk links to be rather productive, but, as per, it a hit or miss proposition.