December 01, 2005

The FBI's top ten art crimes (at least going back 15 years). Fran├žois Toulour not specifically mentioned, but you can see evidence of his handiwork.
  • I had thought that the Scream had been recovered, but Googly says nay!
  • A top ten?!? Ach! Fie on it, this is just encouraging the bastarrs! If folk consistently refer to them as the bottom ten we might get somewhere. Example: NOOO!!!! Tell me I'm NOT on The Losers List again! Sweet Mama cut my throat!
  • If I recall correctly from reading something in a fit of procrastination the other day, it's that there are (were?) four versions of 'The Scream' and a few bw lithographs or some other sort of primitive print created. 10,000 antiquities = 1 crime. This is why I switched from Neo-Babylonian archaeology to New England. Sigh.
  • I thought there were 12 versions of it.
  • I hadn't realized that Cellini's salt cellar had walked off. Damn! I guess Venus tweaking her nipple was just too much for someone.