November 27, 2005

Scottish landscapes beautifully photographed by Douglas Salteri.
  • Incredible stuff. Thanks!
  • Beautiful shots. Makes you want to go see for yourself.
  • Wow. Cheers.
  • Just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!
  • Lovely. Thanks!
  • )
  • very nice, amazing light
  • Absolutely wonderful. And the mountains do look that beautiful in person as well, even in the rain.
  • preview, preview...*mutters*
  • Thank you for sharing Abiezer_Coppe! These are truly exquisite. The feeling of mystery in these photos makes me feel as if I were traveling back in time.
  • I think this is my current favourite, for similar reasons that the last commenter on the site there gives.
  • I could just imagine being here when it's dark like that. I bet it looks amazing in person. Makes me want to visit Scotland.