November 26, 2005

A brief history of English, with Chronology
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  • Living language cool, I know someone who actually introduced a word into colloquial english, "bounce", the orgins of the recent addition of the word "bling" are also interesting. In japan english is used as a "business" language, with Japaness being spoken for fun. Computers seem to have turned a great tide for English, and for society as well. I heard in the future there will be a new language written, a universal language. Recently the China has consolidated their country, using Mandarin or something of the like. they've even produced something akin to an alaphabet perhaps in an atempt to raise literacy rates there. It's quite interesting to watch an evolving language. Written chinese (characters) is quite archaic, and is something similar to an evolved form of hieroglypics. Something interesting to note is the amount of spelling erorrs in english at he hands of the chinese. Monuments in english in China will be litered with spelling erorrs. I guess they can't afford dictionarys. Why am I talking about Chinese all of a sudden? hmmmmm.
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