November 26, 2005

because mefi nyc doesn't actually hate you (...unlike the rest of mefi)

y'know, it's been rather a while since we had a combined mefi/mofi meetup. so if any of you nyc monkeys aren't busy tonight and can make it to upper west side, why not join in the drunken revels? there will even be gang-signs and pink shawls and cute hair-cuts, O my!

  • Barnes And Barnes - Party In My Pants Lyrics There's a party in my pants And I want you all to come Voobanahana vop bop There's a party in my pants And I want you all to come Voobanahana vop bop Just got into town tonite oh yeah Oh my pants they fit so tight oh yeah Come along the surf is right oh yeah Bring some beer and being some cheese oh yeah Bite and tease and squeeze me please oh yeah We will soon be on our knees oh yeah After all is done and said oh yeah You've been entertained and fed oh yeah Now it's time to use your head uh huh Yeah.
  • I would think that most of the older mefi-ers appreciate what we have here at mofi. I predate all the crap that goes on over there, and mofi reminds me very much of the early days of mefi.
  • yeah the post was intended to be of a humorous nature but looking back at it now, it just sounds really snarky. apologies. I do remember meeting and liking the mofites that showed at the jersey meetups a few years ago. and it was in this spirit that I was asking mofi to join us tonight.
  • Wait. I'm confused. Are you inviting us to a rumble? /switchblade!
  • I'm not interested. They're an imposing bunch. I like our tribe.
  • nyc mefi is my adopted crew! Wish I could go.
  • HEY!!!! I just discovered that I missed a great meetup. And Zanshin finally made it out! Damn.