November 15, 2005

At first I thought it was a pigeon And then I realized it was a skeleton. And then it became something else. Requires flash, and may be ever so mildly not suitable for work, if you work somewhere where these things are considered not suitable.
  • That's pretty incredible. At first I was sort of confused as to why (s)he would draw in such a manner. But then I realized (s)he was just showing off. Bastard!
  • After reading the post, I knew it wasn't a pigeon. Instead, I saw a pigeon skeleton at first. Excellent. The artist is showing off, but that's what makes it so watchable.
  • I agree, I was equally amazed, particularly since I doubt that would have been the artist's normal method of arriving at the finished drawing. And when did you last see anything on the web that attracted close to 10,000 comments? I only wish the site had been in English (or, more accurately, I wish I also read Russian).
  • класс! Наоборот тоже было бы очень интересно ;)
  • When I see things like that, I realize what a completely talentless loser I really am.
  • @bernockle I don't have to see things like that to realize that you're a completely talentless loser. It's always seemed self-evident... /obnoxious humor
  • Isn't this a double post. I've see this a couple of years ago. And the website nor the maker weren't russian IIRC.
  • mare: I personally haven't seen this before, but it did remind me of this. (That's the first link I found that would load in a reasonable length of time.)
  • mare: I did try searching for the link before posting, but not being able to read Russian, I didn't really have any other keywords to go by.
  • I'm not sure, but I think it says I need a new flashplayer. Thing is, it has a "7" in there, and I have Flashplayer 7.x installed.