November 15, 2005

Embedded video, requires sound. SFW unless coworkers have a morbid fear of bicycle horns.
  • I've seen this before, I think the clip is a couple years old, but it always cracks me up. I think his name is Michel Lauzière.
  • Is it sadistic of me to want him to play Flight of the Bumblebee?
  • It's a double. I know, I posted the first one.
  • . I thought it was funny.
  • From the site un- linked upthread -- What People Say About Michel... "We had great reviews from the Taco Bell franchises about your performance on our 30th Anniversary in Hawaii." Jack Morton Productions, California, USA That is his top recommendation?
  • Well, I had to get eeked eventually. At least if I'm gonna double, I have the good taste to follow in the footsteps of Wolof. O mighty Monkeybashi, please pull the plug.
  • You're a dear, Christophine, but "Wolof" and "good taste" in the same sentence is all fucked up.
  • It's Eektastic!
  • And now my coworker who was maimed in a freak bicycle-horn accident is lying on the floor, foaming at the mouth and gibbering. Nice going!
  • I bent that is one horny frenchman!