November 05, 2005

Kill Yourself With Caffeine Because You Know You Want To. Boing-Boinged

It would take 266.34 cans of Dr Pepper to put you down

  • 166.46 cans of Dr. Pepper for me. 124.09 cans of Mountain Dew + You = DeathI'm usually sick after 3-4.
  • I'm usually sick after 3-4 TO THE EXTREME!!!
  • 105 shots of espresso. Fuck yeah, I'm not even a third of the way there.
  • After 2925.00 cups of Decaf Brewed Coffee, you'd be pushing up daisies
  • At that point you'd be rupturing internal organs anyway, right?
  • so do you need to drink these in repition, or just in general?
  • Caffeine won't kill you. It's not even a drug. Now, please drink another "latte" and get back to work.
  • Nearly 80 cups of coffee? I think I'd drown before the caffeine had a chance to kick in.
  • Mr Pibb?
  • When I grow up, I want to buy an starbuc*s and I will close it and I will keep the baristas hostage and I will force them to serve me one cup after another after another after another and will keep drinking day and night and I will die happy. /drools, shakes
  • I haven't read the link but I'll leap in anyway and say that you have to take that amount within a few minutes, otherwise you metabolise it, and you won't die. IOW this is a load, because you can't actually poison yourself with caffeine, it's not possible to ingest the necessary amount from normal caffeine drinks. You'd have to swallow a jar of guarana or something.
  • I haven't read the link OR the thread, so I'll just say that you all are a fine bunch of monkeys! A fine bunch!....except for you, you and you..over there. Yes YOU!
  • I never even read your post.
  • I'm not even surfing Monkeyfilter right now, fuck off the lot of you.
  • Damn flies! shoo!
  • I will not die for caffeine. I love coffee, it's true, but caffeine peddlers are pricks. To hell with them. Boing-Boinged I might die die for nikked Xeni. But that is all.
  • Stoopid Monkeyfilter! START- MAKING- SENSE!!!
  • Xeni is nekkid all the time, isn't she? (The ugly cow.)
  • FOOL
  • Yes, what do you want?
  • Oh right sorry.
  • HA! I know know what all of you weigh. Now, if I could only convert from kilograms...
  • mwahahaha
  • Ah ha! My plan is slooowly coming together!
  • I want to lick her all over.. /drool
  • Ah, allow me to play catch-up- /googles Teh hott, indeed.