November 05, 2005

Hypnotizing blue ball factory! This site, along with some funky music, shows several blue balls going through a massive machine. It's oddly addicting.
  • hmmmm.... Very frustrating. It doesn't seem to do much.
  • You have to expect anything that would have to do with blue balls to be very frustrating.
  • I was a little concerned when I read blue ball factory...NSFW perhaps? But no, it was great! It is mesmerizing to watch both on a micro and macro level as various patterns come out but at the same time it seems completely random and mixed up.
  • try finding the source of the the end they go into a black hole
  • Huzzah for the Pee Wee's Big Adventure music. Very apropos. Nice link, Vert!
  • More blue balls in one place than I've seen since senior prom!