February 18, 2004

The war on drugs Success or failure?

Growing up in the 80s, you couldn't read a magazine or watch network tv without seeing an ad. My favorite was the father who walks into his son's bedroom with a cigar box fulol of pot, pills, and needles -- he confronts his son, asking, "Is this stuff yours? Where did you get this? Who taught you how to use this?!" "You, all right!" screams the son. " I learned it by watching you!" Cue voiceover: "Parents who use drugs have kids who use drugs" And FADE TO BLACK. It seems like the war has failed, and failed horribly. So, I propose a new tactic. Rather than trying to warn kids how drugs are bad (Drugs are bad, mmmmkay.), let's just show pictures of Courney Love. Like this or this. That might have some impact.