November 05, 2005

Curious George: Photo Rates I've been contacted regarding one of my photographs on Flickr. A startup magazine would like to use the image in one of its issues. I'm not a professional photographer or anything, so I have no idea how to negotiate on something like this. My question is, what does someone ask for as compensation? If money, how much? Any advice would be appreciated.
  • Congrats! Which photo? I love the fact that the internets allow us to get famous for our amateur artwork. One of mine was used in a Canadian math book.
  • Ahhhhh, false alarm. Turns out it's one of the few pics on my flickr account I DIDN'T take. Jumped the gun. Well, maybe this thread can prove useful for posting your favorite recipes.
  • Way to GO, scartol!
  • Well, what would the rate be if you did get yer pic used?
  • Just read about this, a service to help you sell your amateur 'news' snapshots.
  • Never heard that one, Islander..
  • Just so you know: payment is generally day rate against space. Which is to say, if you are commissioned to take a picture, that commission is based on 1/4 page run, english speaking editions only unless the foreign editions are published on the same day. I'm not making this up. For just any old picture, ask for the circulation of the magazine and how large the image will be used. Generally, I/4 page for a national is between 250.00 and 400.00. per use. Remember, if they use it again for any reason you get more money. These are editorial (magazine) rates. If, however, you have any kind of breaking news photo you can name your price and you can also ask for bids to just have a look. This requires lots of balls but is worth it. Princes Sarah Ferguson's toe sucking pictures were worth 3.5 million sterling. Do not be overwhelmed by the idea that your amateur picture is going to get published. Get the money. If they want to use it, the picture is probably very good. Advertising is the same-find out the use and charge accordingly. Well, do that but charge a whole lot more-maybe thousands more.You must have a photo release to use ordinary people in ads. Or you get sued. Scarto, that textbook company owes you money. Every year.