February 17, 2004

Mp3 blogs. For people like me, who are constantly on the lookout for new exciting music, mp3 blogs provide a daily fix. Run by real music geeks, blogs like Fluxblog and Said The Grammophone provide unknown yet fresh sounds, together with informative and inspiring descriptions. The songs are hosted temporarily, but long enough to spread the word of a hot track or a talented artist. As a starting point for your soulsearching, the mp3 blogs are unbeatable. Other blogs worth checking out are The Mystical Beast, Gabba/POD, Popnose, TTIKTDA and Do you feel loved?
  • [banana] Thanks marx!
  • Excellent stuff, thanks. I came across these a while ago (yes, I apologised and wiped it off) and they seem pretty cool. If you want some more music, try Epitonic for mp3s of all kinds of awesome bands.
  • Warren Ellis over at diepunyhumans has been putting up mp3s of various bands all week - mostly people who read his blog. Some good stuff on there, too. (Y.A.C.H.T., and Bit Shifter and Neko I liked. Some others too, but I can't remember now)
  • And good post, marx. Thanks. And this place has good songs on it: Radio Plus (discovered on Metafilter)
  • Currently, I'm getting about three albums a day, every day, of new music on the web. It seriously justifies buying an ipod; you just get your new material and you're set for the day, traffic and all. But the thing about MP3 blogs is that for the most part you want to keep them on the downlow. One of the most popular ones, www.mp3sfinder.com, recently has been going up and down like a yoyo, hit what looks like an ugly bout of litigation or bandwidth bust. If these places get too popular, the traffic is likely to overwhelm the guy who's posting and they might well get cease and desist letters from corporate if they ever post any copyrighted material. Loose lips sink ships. Having said that, I'm gonna list my daily hits. In addition to the aforementioned Flux, Tangmonkey (said the gramophone), Mystical Beast, Gabba (who never lets me down) and Popnose, I also daily visit and very much dig: Fruits of Chaos: J-, C- and K-pop. ZenZen: Various and sundry with an emphasis on screaming and J-pop. Empty Handed: The weird and the awful Overclocked Remix: Homebrew electronic music with a video game jump off. Often great for instrumental music and updating virtually daily these days. basichipdigitaloddio: the obscure, the beautiful, the way rad stuff you'll be putting on mix tapes for weeks. Enthusiastic but Mediocre: Eclectic modern Talkie Walkie: An honest to god MP3 community. This has impossible potential and is likely to blow up like the Godfather in the next few years. Comfort Stand Records: A label that only exists online, sells all its music for free and accepts album submissions from it's listeners. Brilliant. Burned by the Sun: Eclectic modern. And a few others that I haven't visited enough to determine if I want to post. Much of the music on these sites is lost uncopyrighted weirdness and provides me with endless fascination, some of it is modern pop/hiphop/rnb/whatever, some of it is indy unknowns. I pore through it all voraciously. If you know of any others, I'd love to hear about it.
  • Oh my god, I was so cute a year ago.
  • Those were the sunny Florida days.
  • forks, you get cuter every day.
  • And you're still insane.
  • Insane is good.