October 27, 2005

Kader Attia's flying rats - an, ahem, interesting art installion piece. Pictures (1, 2, 3) may appear NSFW. Until you realize what it actually is... then you're just creeped out.
  • What? Kids being eaten by pigeons? That'll keep 'em off my lawn!
  • What do you call kids being eaten by pigeons? About time.
  • Moose? I enjoy watching the pigeons sitting relaxing.
  • Those are some seriously fat pigeons. If they released them after all the training that child shapes are food sources, I wonder if the birds would start going after little kids.
  • I wonder if the birds would start going after little kids. Only the non-moving-bird-seed-tasting variety. That is why I teach my son to never sit still and to avoid sesame seeds.
  • I'm told that the 'moose' is sadly not moose meat. It apparently has something to do with eggs, though I haven't been able to verify that.
  • This is really really cool, in a creepy and fucked-up kind of way.
  • It isn't even that creepy when you think about it: "Kader Attia wishes to remind us that childhood is probably the period in the life that we see further and further behind us but still think of very nostalgically" The pigeons slowly destroy the kids and as they make nests they keep coming back to the playground. It's just a performance metaphor. Although it's creepy when you consider that it implies that nostalgia is sustenance. I thought that only applied to Gen Xers. Let me guess, Kader?