October 27, 2005

GTA has nothing on 1986's CHILLER
  • if anybody can figure out how i can get that game, i will love you forever
  • What, no MAME pun in the title? Very disappointing.
  • rochie: MAME or MacMAME. ROMs are just a google away. Enjoy.
  • Ah yes. MAME. I certainly would have made the joke, had I ever heard of the thing. Being a Mac-user, I don't pay attention to Windows-only ROMs
  • Not my sort of software, really, though I suppose it has an appeal fora certain class of people... *sniff*
  • The ROMs are OS-agnostic. MacMAME works with them OK. And it's legal... all you have to do is, erm, dump them from all those arcade machines in your basement. Yeah, that's it.
  • it should maybe be mentioned that this game kinda sucks, actually. it's like duck hunt, but gory.
  • Hey rochiebones! Return to the dojo and sharpen your google-fu! Roms for MAME are easy to find. Chiller available here
  • Mike did a lot of Gameboy-related development back in the day and still has a decent collection. Most of what he currently has were from bittorrent as CD images. Just so you know.
  • See, when it's 8-bit or whatever, I have less of a problem with it. When it's Hollywood CGI-based - more so.
  • I had no idea that game even existed when it originally came out. A good thing because I probably would of bought/rented it and become severely disappointed after the initial four minutes of fun expired. I always liked that gory violence when I was a kid. There's a lot of good stuff on Retrocrush around this time of year. Last year it was the top 100 monsters of all time (I think Michael Jackson made the list--I know, I know, from Thriller, but mostly from being a fantastically lucky and rich pedophile to whom laws don't apply). This year looks like the top 100 horror movie performances. Did Jacko make any home movies?
  • Ah, Chiller. I rocked at that game. I especially loved shooting the little activators on various torture devices. Pure candy for my teenage carnival-going mind. And I only ever saw it at the carnival, to add to the magic.