October 26, 2005

You Knit What?? The blog of knitting fugly. And it can be scary fugly indeed. Also for Halloween: Poor Lil Punkin.
  • Dawn of the Dead as a subject for a knit diorama via
  • I like it.
  • Aww look at the fuzzy wuzzy poor lil punkin..... Punt 'er to the moon!
  • They seem to be all official patterns, which makes me happy. Because some pattern photos are just criminally ugly (yay, pinafore dresses for middle-aged women! in denim!) and there are already thousands of sites on the internet dedicated to picking on rank amateurs. This is different. Besides, companies have zero excuse to be this ugly. They're getting paid. Me, who just picked up the yarn, I think I have a bit of an excuse. Or at least a grace period. Fun!
  • Knit your own warm woolen uterus!
  • At first I was a little disgruntled when I saw that it was actual knitting pattern photos. I figured it would just be a matter of some outdated photos/personal taste. But no! This truly is a gallery of knitting horror. That professionals made on purpose.
  • that's some fugly! and an amusing lunch break. It's tempting to knit up a fry breakfast and give it to someone as a gift, though. they need to add the patterns for the dish detergent bottle dolls, those were always a horror and fright.
  • Patita, I'll see your dish detergent dolls, and raise you bed dolls and toilet paper dolls. I have a great aunt whose house is littered with these things. They terrify me. All that staring!
  • Oh god I'd forgotten about the bed dolls! Such horrible things. This might redeem some of the awful.