October 26, 2005

Superman in Hospital

Newsfilter, but this guy has lived our common dream.

  • why didn't he take off from the ground first?
  • "...the man ... apparently had drunk several bottles of red wine before attempting the jump..." So red wine is not all that healthy for you, after all!
  • Apparently red wine is Kryptonite.
  • Darwin at work. This needs to happen more often! /note to self: PUSHING someone out a window is NOT natural selection.
  • No. I am Superman!
  • How to become a national news story: 1 -- Perform some mildly common, incredibly stupid act. 2 -- Make a pop culture reference while doing so (or make some sort of religious or political statement to justify your actions).
  • He may need some Crisis Counseling.
  • Cool, I didn't know anyone was doing angel dust still...
  • ich bin ├╝bermensch?
  • The jumper, whose name was not released, ... He wasn't so much a jumper, as a failed flyer.
  • "I am Superman! Nothing can happen to me!" Apparently, he didn't hear what happened to the real Superman...
  • That's what I was thinking Raoul. Maybe he was an American.
  • Wow. I'm surprised. I didn't think anything could hurt Superman.
  • Kryptonite