October 24, 2005

After Greenspan... "The public worships Alan Greenspan for his oracular wisdom. But what is his legacy? It includes a crazy housing market, overextended consumers and a burst stock bubble". Clearly not everyone thinks well of Greenspan. Either way, the new guy's got his work cut out for him.
  • Greenspan, fuckin' hack.
  • That kinda sums up the article. :)
  • I have never understood the way the guy was treated with such high praise.
  • I remember back in the Clinton days, Greenspan was pretty much Satan for Republicans. Anytime he tried to put on the financial brakes, they bitched about how he was costing them money. And now it seems he didn't brake hard enough.
  • Chryen: I think because it was easier for some to praise Greenspan for everything good in the fiscal management 1992-2000 (surpluses et al) than accept that the treasury could be run on a sound basis by a Democratic President.
  • The Alan Greenspan Timeline Prior to his international fame as a policymaker, Greenspan was well-known to Objectivists as a close friend of Ayn Rand and the author of articles published in her books and magazines. The timeline below summarizes some significant events in Greenspan's life and his relationship with Ayn Rand.
  • That's weird innit? Top Objectivist becomes uber-civil servant.