October 22, 2005

Smell it, buy it Going into my local DIY store (run by British hegemony of PLC's) I noticed a freshly sawn pine smell that ceased directly 20 meters inside. No news really but heres the rest: Cinemas - popcorn Supermarkets - Baked bead Potatoes - Irish soil Supermarkets - Roasted coffee Grass seed - grass scent Cosmetics store - talcum powder smell and Barbeques - Hickory Plastic notebooks - leather New cars - New car smell
  • The most distinct smell, to me, is the smell when you walk into Barnes & Noble. I'm convinced they pipe some sort of fragrant scent into the ventilation.
  • Brothel - Pussy
  • I love the smell of napalm in the morning...oh and comic book stores.
  • You forgot: NYC Subway System: Urine
  • Back in the mid-late 1960s, IBM had an office building in Chicago on Michigan Avenue, about a block from the Art Institute. In the basement, they had a museum, or, mor properly, a futurarium. They had a small theater that showed a film of happy family scenes and during each scene a scent was released to match the mise-en-scene. Especially memorable was the wet-dog-on-beach. The IBM folks predicted that in the future (and they meant the way-off 1990s) scientists would provide these chemical smells to reinforce positive associations in consumers. I used to go to this futurariam a few times a year. Once, during the mom-and-family-in-the-kitchen scene, there came an unexpected sulphurous tang. When we got out, I mentioned it to my father and brothers. My 7 year old kid brother fessed up..."I farted" he snickered.
  • Lush cosmetics -- eye-burning, gag-reflexing over-the-top fruit-soap-esque poison vapour.
  • My favorite tea shop -- Tea imagine that! My favorite coffee roaster -- coffee! duh. Favorite pron shop -- spunk.
  • mmmmm, tack, (horse equipment) saddle and leather shops fantastic smell of new leather hay barns after first cutting in the summer The State Fair in August--popcorn, cotton candy, nuts, and whatever
  • Tack does smell good when new.
  • smells good when it's been used, too--just in a different way and I love the smell of horse's breath when they eat grass
  • Pre-vert.
  • My love of horses and riding is tempered by an ironic allergy to horse hair. If I don't take enough anti-histamenes I break out in hives and become nauseous after touching them. This angers me greatly, as riding horses is one of the great serene pleasures in life. I can't say I've noticed their breath, but their farts are evocative.