June 16, 2005

Age-Maps and Couples [2nd link NSFW] - Photo splicing and more by Bobby Neel Adams
  • Am I permitted to be very afraid?
  • great link, J. Jr.! but the age-maps are a bit creepy..
  • I found the age maps more evocative than creepy when I covered each half of the face to see "before" and "after." If I hadn't done that, I wouldn't have recognized this one as Katherine Hepburn
  • Having now looked at Couples, they're creepier in a way. The way the faces meld makes we wonder if they were all separated at birth. And, if you look at each half of the communal face, it appears that this one has the faces reversed - unless the woman is more masculine looking than the man, and the man wears a lot more makeup.
  • I noticed that "reverse" couple too, path, but I didn't notice Hepburn!
  • >The way the faces meld makes we wonder if they were all separated at birth. My first impression was that he selected couples who have similar facial structures to begin with.
  • This is really good. )
  • Do the couples seem more masculine than feminine to other people as they do to me? This shouldn't be the case, right? If so, it's a nice example of...something. Depending upon what other people experience. Maybe sexism and defaults.
  • path, the couples photo actually has four sections. The woman's face is on the right side, and the man's face is on the left over the breasts. Follow the tear on the chest upwards, and also note around the collarbone on the right side, a tear almost hidden by the hair.