June 05, 2005

Duracell plays drums. This video of him playing in London is wonderful

Midi-triggers are attached to a pre-programmed synth –painstakingly sequenced with complex, alternating patches- to create a perfectly synchronised accompaniment to the drumming onslaught. The drum strikes become twinned with melody, but the sound does not stop spreading.

  • Before the naysayers come in... This is one of the best use of drum-triggers I've seen. And it's pretty rocken music for one guy live.
  • That's incredible! As someone who has trouble with something as simple as walking and brushing teeth simultaneously, I envy that kind of coordination.
  • nay, says I
  • It's creative, I guess, but not very entertaining. And other than being being really quick and capable of memorizing some strange timings, his drumming didn't much impress me either.
  • How many guitar players does it take to screw in a lightbulb? 30 1 to screw it in, and 29 to say "I could do that"
  • LoopyG, seriously, this is one of the best uses of drum-triggers you've seen? No offense intended, really
  • Yes, yes it is. Well, for musical performance at least. I have used them in various other projects not involving musical performance (live).
  • Perhaps you're referring to non-professional uses? I mean, I saw Bill Bruford kick some major dick with drum triggers. I remember seeing Steve Morse really rock with his "repeater"/delay pedals too, which were probably in-part midi-triggered.
  • I'm going to see this cat in July. Should be awesome. Possibly the only band in the world that makes Lightning Bolt seem needlessly overstaffed.
  • Saw him last night. Seriously worth checking out if you're inta that kind of thing, and a lovely chap with it.
  • I am jealous of Blaise, right now
  • He had a nice jumper.