March 31, 2005

Complex Anime Origami. Photos of 3d sculptures of anime characters, made of paper. Some are pretty risque (and furry). The level of detail makes it look like these are huge, almost life size, but this one is sitting on top of a DVD case. Some of these would freak me out a little if they weren't so amazing. (site is in japanese, and geocities. Even so, it's worth looking at)

You can download instructions on how to make some of them. He is selling some of the instructions (I think), others are free.

  • I titter at their sauciness.
  • upskirt shots of paper dolls... I really don't know what to say. fan service?
  • they are pretty amazing works
  • I used to work for a company that did origami, but it folded. Thank you...I'll be here all week...
  • That is so cute, and impressive too. Maybe the guy has too much time on his hands... still, i can see it as a kind of art. Pop art, maybe? Not unlike Warhol's Brillo Box.