February 16, 2005

Schmuck Interviews Putz Warning: NSFWIYBUYBHNSOH (Not Safe For Work If Your Boss Understands Yiddish But Has No Sense Of Humor)
  • This is good, regards, Clive Shmendrick
  • I love that word. A classic joke with many beginnings that always ends the same way: One day Marvin comes down to the parking garage and the camel is gone... stolen! He calls the police who arrive within minutes. The first question is "What color was your camel?" Marvin replies he doesn't remember, "Probably camel colored I guess... sort of brownish-greyish." "And how many humps on your camel?" asks the policeman. "Who counts humps... one, maybe two, I don't know for sure." "And the height of the camel, sir?" "What's with these dumb questions?" Marvin asks. "The camel was about three feet taller than I am. So maybe 9 feet, 10 feet. I can't be certain." "Just one last question to complete my report, sir. Was the camel male or female?" "Ah, that I know for sure he was a male." "How can you be so certain of his sex when you don't remember anything else about your camel?" asks the policeman. "Well," says Marvin, "everyone knows he's a male. Every day I'd ride the camel through town and people would stop and say to each other 'Look at the schmuck on that camel!'" Look at the Schmuck on that Camel: "Published by Avalon Hill Games Company, it is sub-titled, 'Getting over the Hump in Learning Yiddish'. Now out of print, the game sold 50,000 copies and contained a taped performance, music, and comedy cards all based on old Yiddish jokes. The game was the concept of and was written by Wilbur Pierce."
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