January 07, 2005

legnipple! (SFW) via cruel.com
  • *blink*
  • speechless
  • Now everyone will want one.
  • You can kepp my legnipple Cropshy... I think I'll pass on that one...
  • It would be handy for nursing orphaned goats.
  • yeah, there's just not much one can say about this one.
  • dumb question: is there any chance in hell this could be real?
  • The name for a 3rd nipple is "nubbin", thus a nipple on that part of the leg is called a "neebbin." / Friends, when it was funny.
  • Wait until they start messin' with stem cells. Folks'll have nipples all over the place.
  • Cruel.com links from a week ago are valid monkeyfilter fodder now? Well, I'll keep that in mind!
  • And here I was thinking my nephew and I were part of a special club made up only of us, Marky Mark, and James Bond ├╝ber-villain Blofeld. My aux-nip is awfully small tho, and not sensitive or piercable :(
  • Wait until they start messin' with stem cells. Folks'll have nipples all over the place. Migod! Nipples will be the new black!
  • Oh yeah, it's not on my leg either.
  • Sidedish, absolutely. I happen to know a close friend of mine and she has a third (her boyfriend says actually she has 4 but I haven't pried about the location ;). It's around her torso, but definitely not as prominent or colored as the one in that link. It was more like a raised pimple but it definitely had all the right stuff, so to speak.
  • thats pretty much what i got, genial...
  • I have two extranumery nipples myself. I have two (one extra below each of my "normal" ones) but one is rather less developed.
  • up to two extra nipples is normal, and they appear along the milk line. the knee isn't along the milk line, unless your knee is growing out of your groin (which I guess must be allowed, seeing as we're talking about body parts being where they shouldn't). so you have an extra nipple on your knee, and the natural reaction is to get it pierced? whoa.
  • no shit squid? i don't talk about my 4th either, cause it just looks like a pimple... same condition, same locations tho. where should we register?
  • Perhaps you could start a club. May I humbly suggest "The Monkey Nips".
  • Cruel.com links from a week ago are valid monkeyfilter fodder now? Sorry, I'm all out of fresh links. Try back tomorrow.
  • Rock on El Queso (an ironic name especially in this context)!!! I once went in for an interview to be a gameshow contestant and they asked us to tell them something unusual about ourselves. It was the best thing I could come up with at the time. The interviewer read my response and couldn't stop giggling.
  • Es El Queso - aren't you thinking of Scaramanga?
  • if you're too lazy to read the article...
    Scott was the victim of a mobile home fire at the age of 15 and was burned over 85% of his body. To re-grow skin on his legs they, "Used skin from his chest in a skin graft," as Scott tells it. Hence when the skin grew, "A nipple grew too and I thought it was cool to pierce it," explains Scott.
    i thought i remembered seeing something like this (NSFW), here at one point. or maybe i saw it at the otherfilter, i dunno.
  • I wish I had a third nipple.
  • Nostril, it's not all it's cracked up to be. To put it into perspective, it's kinda like have two nipples, but with one extra.
  • Also, I'm kinda interested in seeing his chest. Did they just lop off a tit, or what?
  • Aw, crap, I was trying to be all cool with my 007 reference, and you caught me out, ooga_booga. )))'s for you! As for wanting a third nipple, Nostril... my mother had a double mastectomy after breast cancer and hounded me MERCILESSLY to donate (at least) one of mine to her reconstuctions. I guess I'm a crappy kid, I turned her down. Don't you think a third nostril would be more useful?
  • Depends where it is.
  • no, thanks, doctor, I must decline for all six of my legs work just fine my coat is sleek my wings are strong take one more step and I'll be gone anyway nipples don't grow on bees they're a non-marsupial mammal thing though men may graft 'em as they please on those of themselves who cannot sting
  • *applauds bees* El Queso - sorry:-) I hope it's some consolation that Scaramanga is a far better name to drop than Blofeld at least from an aesthetic point of view:-)
  • So a male legnipple is SFW, that's a no-brainer. Am I to assume that the same deformity on a female would be NSWF? The mind boggles.
  • It's kind of a little joke, calimehtar, no need for boggling.
  • I have no idea what you're talking about. /Still boggling
  • My daughter, brother and mother all have extra nip-nips. Mum got two extra. Shes greedy like that.