January 05, 2005

Dialecticly/Phonetically Challenged? Check out these flash charts of any orally producable part of speech imaginable!

My favorites are the trill on the consonants page and the voiced alveolar fricative (which sounds like Thurston Howel) on the diacritics page.

  • Neat stuff. It's interesting to learn that affricates like the english "j" and "ch" sounds are not phonetically atomic in this system (i.e. they are a combination of IPA characters). I had organized them differently in my head. To me, they were similar to "d" and "t" respectively, just with the tongue in a different configuration. That these configurations cause a little more fricativeness seems inherent. But then my linguistics knowledge is quite small. Good reference. /bookmarked
  • Quite nice. Thanks.
  • Well, remember that this is one view of it-- it just happens to have an organization behind it. You are still close in considering them to be similar to 't' and 'd', because in a way they are. According to the IPA, they still are similar too-- at least enough to warrant using a 't' and 'd' in writing the affricates. Everything's arbitrary anyway. ;D
  • Excellent link -- I'm swiping it for Languagehat. Thanks, CellarFloor!
  • Very cool! Takes me back about 15 years. Hanging out with my cohorts in ubergeeky linguisticsness. Then the university cut our department to pay for a new football coach. /wipes a tear
  • Very nice!
  • Hee hee hee :o) Phonetics is always fun :oD
  • Ah, and thanks so much for the link languagehat. Such etiquette is to be admired.
  • This is amazing. And the person who designed the flash goes to/works at York! (recognition to the wind-swept wonder)