December 26, 2004

The Speechalist - Four minute sketch featuring the language genius who masterminds Chimpy McAwol's verbal gaffes. The genius is played by Andy Dick. Chimpy McAwol played by a moron. 22.1 MB Windows Media version From Comedy Central. 13.3 MB Divx Avi version hosted by Humour. SFW. Requires humour gland, windows media stuff, & tolerance for Dick.

Go easy.

  • hold it....hold it! don't say anything yet, Nostril. Now bat your eyes. Good!
  • /yawn
  • This was part of comedy central's best of 2004 special. My tivo recorded it accidentally and after seeing how badly Norm McDonald has aged (both in person and his humor) this was very refreshing. I didn't even know Andy Dick even made comedy anymore.
  • Chimpy McAwol Astounding.
  • Chimpy McAwol Astounding. Truly. I mean, I'm sure the Irish people don't wish to be associated with this guy. [On-topic: Cute, but seems like it could've been taken a lot further. And does Andy Dick ever do anything that's not a mock TV broadcast of some kind?]
  • I've definately got a tolerance for Dick.
  • I really wanted to like it, and it did start out stronly with the Arrianna bit, but ultimately it was pretty weak. Personally, I find Andy Dick to be about as funny as I do Andy Borowitz, which is to say, not at all.
  • Andy Dick does comedy?? No way,,well ok, there was one skit I remember, wait, no that was'nt funny,, nevermind!