December 20, 2004

Little Gems
  • I get a great deal of pleasure from pronouncing 'murun buchstansangur' & have done for years. Good link.
  • Mein gott! The Flumps! & Fingerbobs! I still remember the tune to the flumps, & it is always associated in my mind with the theme to 'Open University' which used to be on before it, in the UK on sunday mornings, back in 1979. Fuck, what a memory blast.
  • AAAARGH! Animal Kwackers!!! Fuck I'm having a flashback!
  • Michael Bentine's Potty Time!!! AAAAH! /collapse
  • [this is a little gem]
  • Oh, no, I've destroyed the nostril robot.
  • Also, Michael Bentine's Potty Time is the greatest name dfor a tv show ever.
  • Whoop! I'm re-reading The Children of Green Knowe at the moment - it was one of my favourite books growing up, and I'm still loving it today. And I'd completely forgotten there was a TV show! Now all we need to do is persuade them to release it on DVD... Great link, thanks, dng.
  • Bloody hell. King Rollo. I fucking loved that man.
  • You loved King Rollo? You sick fuck. I must be very old because I remember loads of these.
  • Likewise Nostril- Into the Labyrinth, Alias the Jester oh man. They don't have La Linea listed though. Shame on them!
  • Americans might remember "Simon In The Land of Chalk Drawings" from Captain Kangaroo in the 1970s and also as the inspiration for a running sketch with Mike Meyers on SNL, where he was a small English boy in the bathtub and sang the "Simon" song.
  • This American vividly remembers Simon, and felt I was the only person who understood Mike Meyer's reference. Yesterday I googled "choose your own adventure books" and was plunged into another world of nostalgia. Think I'll make an FPP. . . I think it was Frank Zappa who said that Americans are plagued by the rapidly increasing pace of nostalgia--that soon we will be nostalgiac for the moment just passed. My brother predicts that people will soon begin to die of it. In any case, it does make one rather swoon, to see again these deeply imprinted images from so long ago. *pines for chalk-drawing land*