December 08, 2004

Acquire P-Ray Vision ! It may take some practice to develop the ability to perceive Haidinger's brush... but once you've got the hang of it, you'll be seeing the sky in a whole new light.
  • This is bloody awesome! I've been reading a book called Sensory Exotica about the senses of other animals... it discusses sensitivity to polarized light, but I had no idea humans could do this. It says that the protein Lutein in our maculas is what likely enables us to do this. I wonder if it's also what's at play in bees and other animals that orient themselves by light polarization? There's probably a very interesting evolutionary story to be told here.
  • Interesting article, ough. Thanks.
  • yeah, very cool indeed
  • This sounds like a neat party trick, but what would be the advantages of this? It reminds me of the blurry pictures that become 3D when you stare at them long enough, but in the end, what's the practical application?
  • Does there really need to be a practical application? I think this is just plain cool.
  • *eyeballs pop out