October 26, 2004

brave woman
  • Oh crap, this is the coolest website ever.
  • bonkers
  • is that from a fark photoshop contest? hilarity...
  • It's hard work having her kind of courage. Hard, hard work, I tell you. Hard. But because of her, freedom is on the march. Actually, the shot of the helicopter rescue beneath the Golden Gate Bridge reminds me of a patient my ex (same one who used to live in the same apartment Hunter Thompson lived in in the late 1960s), a nurse, cared for while working in a psych ward here in San Francisco. Seems this depressed guy tried to commit suicide by jumping off the G.G. Bride -- but lived. Broke like every bone in his body; now guaranteed to have even more pain in his life than ever, for as long as he lives. Sad.
  • *Sniff* She truly is a brave woman. Thank you, pog, for sharing this inspiration with us - I think her story has affected us all, in some small way. God bless you, brave woman. GOD BLESS
  • And Hawthorne Wingo, if brave woman was here to talk to that patient, I bet she'd tell them to try to be as brave as her, and to not let something like complete paralysis and excruciating pain get them down. What an inspiration! God bless you again, brave woman. GOD BLESS
  • Today is my birthday. Please everyone, share the love of brave woman with the world! It's my only wish.
  • brave woman needs music, like ayb and yatta has. As I look at each shot of brave women, I hear that stupid dick cheney song, except with brave woman mentally dubbed over dick cheney.
  • Ok, I have to ask: where does this brave woman thing come from? I'm mystified. Did they just pick some person in a random photo, or is there a story behind this?
  • The origins of brave woman are shrouded in mystery. But dread not, dreadnought! For all we need to know is that she is here to protect us, and inspire us with her mighty sitting powers.
  • Here's the original. It's definitely a Fark Photoshop contest. Not near as impressive as coming from one mind.
  • If the Internet wasn't this silly, I'd have to kill myself immediately. God bless you, Brave Internet!
  • I like this Brave Woman!
  • This was not a Fark photshop contest.
  • Brave Woman, my Hero! can't drive for shit, though
  • oh bravo! I've been spectating les pileurs all month wondering when this would harppen. Thanks! AND ALSO )
  • *Definitely NOT* a FARK contest (at least not originally). I would say more, but Mr. Torrez would have me killed.
  • Damn you people! What rule was that again?