October 02, 2004

Zep-plans. The Airship Heritage Trust website has the best collection of online airship plan and view drawings I have seen online. Zeppelin Museum T√łnder comes a close second with these nerd-tastic stats pages, including our old friend the L30!

That's a wrap, folks! Thanks for flying Blimp Week II - Monkeyfilter edition! S_D, the airships in X-Plane have what is literally the simplest skinning procedure I have ever seen. So perhaps there may indeed be a Monkeyfilter blimp, the t r a c i c l e, in the future. But first I have to spend some time in RL and not researching floaty things.

  • >>Maiden flight: May 11, 1914 Retired: Force-landed and destroyed by crew Feb. 17, 1915 oh dear. i hope we never have to force land and destroy our upcoming mofi zepp. thanks for the great week, mwhy! as a fellow blimpie i salute you. and one more thing: oh, the humanity! (couldn't resist. heh.)
  • This is cool. I'm definitely going to have to spend some time exploring it. Thanks!
  • mwhybark, thanks for a most interesting week of uplifting posts. Here's a Banana Blimp for ya.
  • Yes, these are very good indeed, mwhybark.
  • ooh! a Banana Blimp! Thanks!
  • Here's a blimp of another colour as invented by David Low, third illustration down..