September 29, 2004

From Rio to Akron aboard the Graf Zeppelin, 1933: Alicia Momsen Miller recalls her childhood journey. Candid family snaps included! Her father somehow finagled the Goodyear-Zeppelin Company into footing the bill for his whole family's airship jaunt to the 1933 Chicago World's Fair. The family's governess, however, went by boat.
  • that's wonderful -- and the photos are priceless. i notice at the bottom of the page, there's even a zeppelin web ring! i think airships are coming back into vogue; there was a news report the other night that the military is pondering their use once again for surveillance. blimps kick ass! heh.
  • Great story, thanks for the link, mwhybark!
  • good stuff! more! MORE! I read once about the Air Force thinking about using blimps as large mobile cruise missle carriers. Park one of those things carrying the combined equivalent firepower of western europe off someone's coast in international waters and go 'knock knock motherfucker'. think weight carrying capacity of a freight train, but flying